November 1960, the Denver Auto Show presents its forty ninth edition.

Ivan Franck, a young engineer passionate of Citroen DS, just lend a hand to Carl Batz, the local dealer, multi-vendor of European cars. We see Ivan back, talking with a potential client.
To the right there is a child with his raised right hand. He is explaining to a curious the operation of the hydraulic system on a DS.
This child is fascinated by it. He has a dream... to own as many Citroen has he can....
His wish will be granted because John, as he is called, now owns an Junkard exculsively composed of Citroen in Denver, specializing around the DS.
John's curious listener is a man who comes to all the shows and ask severals questions but never buys.. From one year to another, Ivan sees him coming. He always visit the stand. Takes notes and study the changes of cars through the years, but will never commit.

As for this DS break, we're really in the presence of an extraordinary document!
We are in November 1960, it seems logical that we have before us a model 61. Well no, the ID 19 Station Wagon has some characteristics of the vintage 60. It is not obvious on a black and white picture, but the light color does not match any colors of the vintage 61. However it matches the gray "gray pigeon AC 145" 60 vintage. Another detail, the upholstery of the break is specific to the 60 to 62 vintage.
This is a rare pictures. So just for you dear reader, here is the full format picture.